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At Bookkeeping Ballarat, we believe that bookkeeping is a science; one of an economical and powerful nature. The recording, evaluation, analysis, forecasting, and control of data when collecting various financial information, enables you to a high-level view of your business and a deep insight into paving the way into improving its performance.

As a business grows, the greater the need is for business owners and managers to have timely information at their fingertips. This allows them to take fundamental action to face the competition, increase results and launch new products and services into the market at competitive prices.

This assumes that all aspects of a business’s financial management are already properly organised, which, unfortunately, like many business owners, it isn’t. Record upkeep and data analyses are always an afterthought, which is only holding them back from their true growth potential.

That’s where we come in. We not only help maintain your books and keep them healthy, but we will also help you with strategy and performance improvement to help take your business to the next level.

Against common belief, using third-party bookkeeping services are not just for big businesses or those who don’t know anything about accounting, financing, or taxation. Bookkeepers can assist businesses at all stages in their development, from start-ups to medium and large-scale enterprises.

Let’s get started at the basics today and prove our quality service, by helping you with your banking itemising and reconciliation, GST compliance, BAS preparation and lodgement.

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Friendly Service

Our business puts customer service first. We thrive for customer success and as such, greet you with a friendly and helpful customer service.

Affordable Bookkeeping Service

Created by a small business, we focus on maintaining competitive pricing against some of the big players in the market.


Our business works with only the best bookkeepers. We qualify and test our bookkeepers to ensure that they’re providing an A-Class service to our customers.

Let’s get your books up-to scratch today

Let’s get your books up-to scratch today

Looking for one of Ballarat's best business bookkeeping services?

If you answered yes, then you found us. We have been proudly servicing the Ballarat community for over 20 years. We help calculate the financial science behind your business and display the data in a meaningful and actionable way. Financial results are shown through bookkeeping, which benefits decision making and can help you plan out your business’s future.

We thrive always to meet the specific needs of our clients; the Bookkeeping Ballarat team provides quality bookkeeping and management services to their highest quality using modern and updated information systems and applications.

Your outsourced bookkeeping partner

Our team of professionals composed of bookkeepers and assistants is fully committed to ensuring your compliance and tax obligations in a clear and timely manner.

Whether you’re using MYOB bookkeepingXero bookkeeping or Reckon bookkeeping software, our team can get your books up to scratch and get on top of your records for you. At your disposal, we have a department of dedicated and expert bookkeepers to help you with your tax obligations.

Outsourced bookkeeping is an asset for companies wishing to expand their operations without expanding their backend management. It requires a much smaller investment than otherwise forming a larger accounts team within your business. Let’s help you get started on:

  • Analytical and synthetic trial balance sheets
  • Basic bookkeeping
  • Income statements and balance sheets
  • Tax withholding
  • Statement of remunerations
  • E-invoicing
  • Periodic reporting and much more

Management and planning consultation

Knowing that it is essential to provide specialised support to companies to make informed management and planning decisions, we at Bookkeeping Ballarat offer a management and planning consultancy service.

Our consultants are prepared to provide management and planning advice to businesses to help them make the right decisions and follow the right growth path.

  • Budgeting
  • Software and applications
  • Economic feasibility studies
  • Business plans
  • Document analysis

Let’s get your books up-to scratch today

Let’s get your books up-to scratch today


Our multidisciplinary team have the expertise to issue the necessary support in taxation advice. We can help ensure access to essential information about your tax obligations regarding BAS and bookkeeping, and the changes within this industry. We’re committed to our clients in helping them keep up-to-date knowledge on tax matters to help them act preventively whenever necessary.

  • Legislation changes
  • Studies
  • Tax benefit applications
  • Identification of applicable legislation
  • Fiscal frameworks
  • Tax adequacy

Human Resource Management

Our team provides all the necessary support in the administrative management of personnel and the planning of payments to ensure that businesses comply with all necessary employee and contractor obligations.

Human resources is a critical and delicate area of any business, that’s why we offer this specialised service which helps with your payroll service obligations.

  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly salary processing
  • Issuance of salary payment slips or summaries
  • Completing and sending the monthly remuneration statement
  • Single Touch Payroll
  • Employee Income Statements
  • Filling in and sending single reports
  • Completion and submission of tax returns
  • Compliance with legal obligations under Social Security, the Australia Tax Office

A bookkeeper’s service tailored to you - only at Bookkeepers Ballarat

Do you want time back, to allow you to focus on more important things? Always finding yourself head deep in your banking transactions and accounting software and want it to be a lot simpler? Then let’s get in touch today. With appropriate consultancy and advice, our advisors will help recover your time and help you become free from the worries about ensuring you are complying with the Australian taxation and payroll legislation.

We represent an integrated solution in the analysis and accounting processing in compliance with tax obligations, financial analysis, and human resources management. We are in constant search for innovation and updating our knowledge to strengthen these foundations. Our experienced bookkeepers are here for you to serve according to your needs.

Let’s get your books up-to scratch today

Let’s get your books up-to scratch today

What do we offer?

  • Data entry of your income and expenses
  • Preparation of Profit & Loss reports
  • GST reporting
  • Preparing your Business Activity Statement (BAS) for lodging
  • Electronic lodgement of your approved BAS via the BAS agent’s portal
  • Apply for extensions of your BAS on your behalf
  • Preparation of accounting reports tailored to your needs
  • Classification and bookkeeping of your accounts in accordance with current accounting rules and principles using a system fully integrated with the other departments.
  • Calculation of accounting and tax balance sheets.
  • Bank and credit card reconciliations
  • Preparation of annual balance sheets, income statements, accumulated losses, economic and financial statements for the year.
  • Payroll processing
  • Economic and periodic financial analysis reports
  • Preparation of financial statements for multinationals, in compliance with international principles.
  • Preparation of income tax guides and social donations on net income.
  • Preparation of the real profit calculation book.
  • Preparation of account control maps.
  • Depreciation schedules, rental schedules, acquisition, and write-off of assets.

A group of professionals

With over a decade of history and extensive experience, Bookkeeping Ballarat currently supports the management of more than 250 companies, across various industries and activities. We invest in high-quality advisors, those who are highly qualified in the most diverse areas of account upkeep and maintain a personalised relationship with each of their clients. Our businesses focus on providing service personalisation and continual improvement and providing a tailored service to those of all sizes. Whether you’re a sole trader, serial-entrepreneur, own a small, medium or large business, we’ll ensure you a quality and tailored service that helps you budget and achieve your goals.

High-tech platform and specialised bookkeeping team

We have a team totally dedicated to your company’s bookkeeping success. They love what they do; they’re attentive to your business needs and are committed to providing you with the best bookkeeping service in Ballarat. Our team is always available to answer any of your questions.

If you’re after guaranteed service quality and the agility you need, then Bookkeeping Ballarat is the right option for you. Our focus is to service our clients in discovering and implementing the solutions that best adapt to their current situation and provide the solutions and pathways to improve their businesses’ profitability.

More than providing bookkeeper consulting and financial services, our mission is to contribute decisively and continuously to the creation of value for your business. We adopt a constant monitoring and advice stance, guiding our client’s performance by the most rigorous quality standards. For the last 15 years, we’ve provided professional and specialised services in bookkeeping and consulting to all types of organisations, private and public, with or without profit.

Why choose us?

We care about your business. We have experience and strength in serving small to large companies. We are constantly evolving in ways that meet our clients’ needs and the ever-changing economic and legislative standards. We extend a diverse list of services to assist you with, from launching a new company, changing shareholdings or directorships, or assist with winding down a company. We offer a comprehensive service in tax, accounting, and bookkeeping management and can assist with all aspects of your business, from company and income tax returns. We offer fair and flexible pricing and guarantee our service is of top quality.

Don’t just take our word for it though, give us a call and book in a free consultation today.

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Transactions Reconciled
Activity Statements Submitted
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